Under attack!!! 3-14-2017

I was watching my sister’s baby, while getting a house check, on a day I was supposed to be at work when these men bust the door down and started trashing my house. They were pissed off over something my “best friend” (my frenemy) did to their “boss” (dude they hang out with because he’s got a crap ton of money and has cool things they get to use).

While I’m trying to get one of the dill holes (rating my house for its child-friendly living availability) to call the cops, one of the dill holes destroying my house knocked my year and a half old niece to the floor. While I tried to get her (screaming and crying and trying to crawl under the couch) another shoves me out of the way to attempt to flip that very couch…

I panic and attack the man and the others (very roughly) pull me off and allows the one I had attacked, to kick me in the side a few times.

They get a phone call (that they put on speaker phone while gagging me and I look around for help from the home raters, but they had abandoned me to the tormentors) and the man on the phone was telling the (I’m assuming) leader of the group that he was sorry for whining to him and that he had just needed to let it out and he could never do any of the things he said he wanted to do…(blah blah blah, whine whine whine. I’m too pissed and sore from listening [mind you I feel like I really was beaten but it was just the crappy mattress I have yet to replace])

At this point, the men look terrified and look at me like I was an STD in a whorehouse. My niece is still crying as I watched them slowly file out of the house and the last one let me go and fled from me as quickly as possible for fear of what I would do.

I ran to my niece and held her to me while still gagged trying to calm her down.

I guess a few days went by and the man caught the wind of what his “friends” did to the girls and had helped the police put them in jail. He also invited us to his home for a week to enjoy his home spa and waiters and servants. It was his apology to us for his “friends” destroying our homes. As well as replacing everything in our homes (see butt tons of money)

I only went cause my other friends begged me and my frenemy wasn’t going, however, I was also getting sick because my immune system was too busy working on the busted ribs, jaw and thigh muscles to work on the cold that was starting to attack my system. This was not going to be as fun as I wanted it to be.

I made sure that when we went to the pool I wore a one piece with a skirt to cover the bruises I had. I didn’t tell my friends what had happened because they had only had their homes trashed. The only people who knew about my situation was my sister and the police. I didn’t even tell my mom. I didn’t want the extra publicity (or any for that matter), however, my friends loved the limelight and milked it for everything they could, but I just wanted to chill out and heal.

The first two days were alright, I kept up with liquids and had light food to keep me nourished. I didn’t do anything to gain attention and just chilled and relaxed, but that third day a fever hit me so hard I couldn’t get out of bed.

My friends were too busy enjoying themselves to even notice that I was missing out, but when evening rolled around and I had missed breakfast, lunch, and was missing dinner my host took notice and came to check on me.

I was buried under the blankets, sweating and shivering.

He started to check my temp and curse as the numbers kept rising above what he wished. I told him I was fine that he didn’t need to baby me and could go about his day without me.

“God’s you’re stubborn, your friends are eating me out of my¬†house and home whining at me like I attacked their homes. Meanwhile, you’ve been sick and haven’t even mentioned that it was all my fault that anything had happened to you.”

He picked me up and I winced as his arm accidentally bumped my ribcage. He shifted me against him for a more stable grip and I shifted against him to keep my weight off his strong arm in my ribcage, I also buried into his chest for the warmth and shivered.

He carried me to his room and laid me on the bed and pulled out some clean clothes. I shook my head and he said that I was soaked with sweat and needed new clothes. I shook my head again and went to tell him that I could do it, but he held up his hand and told me to stop being so stubborn.

He promised not to have wondering eyes and that he would do it quickly if I was cooperative.

Well once he took my pants off, I hid my face from the shock that shadowed his face I knew that he knew who those marks on my thighs were from.

They still held some light shades of purple but those had mostly turned yellow by now… but my ribs were still deep purple and those were the ones I was afraid of showing.

However, once he quickly pulled the pajama bottoms on and reached the top I knew that he was going to see the worst of my attacker’s mementos.

The gasp he drew made me wince once again. I didn’t want to see what emotions played on his face… but I didn’t have to.

“What the hell happened to you? How could hide this so easily? That better not be from the boys, or so help me I’ll kill them.”

“It’s fine, I’m fine, I’ll live and be okay.” I wheezed through the fear, shame, and fever.

“No it’s not okay, you’re in pain and running a huge fever. How could you not mention this to anyone?”

“The police and the people who were involved know the details, I didn’t want anyone treating me like a fragile thing that needed to be babied.”

“People who were involved? You’re friends knew and didn’t think to check on you today?”

“No! My sister was informed.”

“Your sister was attacked as well?”

“Not quite…” I didn’t want to make him feel worst because he already looking like I shot him in the gut.

“What aren’t you telling me?”

“My niece was involved!”

He plopped down on the bed as I scrambled to put on the shirt and bury myself deep in the covers to hid from him.

He stood up and left the room, a few minutes later his house doctor came to check on me. I got some meds and instantly fell asleep weary from the day and hiding from the rest.

I woke up to my host carefully nudging me awake to take more meds check my temp and drink some soup. Then he let me fall asleep again.

When I next awoke I was in my real bed with my crappy mattress and wishing I had more time to sleep… not that it would have helped cause then the beginning would have been even fuzzier than it already was….:-(